Movie Review:Planetfall (2005)

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  • IMDb page: Planetfall (2005)
  • Rate: 3.1/10 total 102 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Western
  • Runtime: USA:90 min
  • Filming Location: El Paso, Wisconsin, USA
  • Gross: $2,710(USA)(10 February 2005)
  • Director: Michael J. Heagle
  • Stars: Jonathan Adams, Rachel Adams and Christian Ahlgren-Williams
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital

Writing Credits By:

  • Matt Saari 
  • Michael J. Heagle 

Known Trivia

    Plot: A spaghetti western in science fiction clothing. Competing female bounty hunters track down the ultimate treasure on a planet wracked with turmoil… See more » |  »

    Story: A spaghetti western in science fiction clothing. Competing female bounty hunters track down the ultimate treasure on a planet wracked with turmoil. A drug named psylenol has hit the streets, stolen from a secret military program and reconditioned to be an over-the-counter psychedelic. When the general populace starts developing telekinetic powers, the corrupt government of Zita declares martial law. When the film starts, a confiscated shipment of the drug has been stolen. Now the race is on to obtain the last supply of the most powerful drug in the universe!Written by Anonymous  




    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Michael J. Heagle known as producer
    • Troy Antoine LaFaye known as producer
    • Matt Saari known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Jonathan Adams known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Rachel Adams known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Christian Ahlgren-Williams known as Apologetic Villager
    • Robert Aiken known as 'Roadkill' Tusked Gambler
    • Mike Anderson known as Village Revolt
    • William S. Anstedt known as Village Revolt (as Bill Anstedt)
    • Nathan Arnold known as Crimenet Scum / Presidential Hanger Guard
    • Abigail Avila known as Priestess
    • Frederick Beecher known as Bar Denizen
    • Carlo Besasie known as Bar Denizen (as Carl Besasie)
    • Myron Blocksome known as Presidential Hanger Guard
    • Bill Borea known as Lieutenant Thosworth
    • Steve Bothun known as Bartender
    • James Burton known as Emilio / Dread Gambler
    • James Eric Cullum known as Brain Damaged Soldier / Liquid Mercenary
    • Kaitara Cullum known as Black Hat Mercenary
    • Donna Cunningham known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Matt Del Vecchio known as Bar Denizen
    • Dan Dockery known as Scene Decontaminate 2
    • Merry Domke known as Turtle Bug 1
    • Elijah Drenner known as Carson Fletcher
    • Corvus Elrod known as VZ Trader
    • Heidi Fellner known as Lux Antigone
    • Mike Finn known as Cast of Bastard and Commando
    • Patrick Fisher known as Apocalyptic Gambler
    • Dan Fitzgerald known as Village Revolt / Bar Denizen
    • Jonathan Freakins known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Steven R. Gatewood known as Cast of Bastard and Commando (as Steven Gatewood)
    • Tiffany Germann known as Presidential Hanger Guard
    • Cole Gilbertson known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Devin Gilbertson known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Rob Gilbertson known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Megan Gilroy known as Fletcher's Secretary
    • Chris Goodwin known as Bar Denizen
    • Jodie Gustafson known as Bar Denizen
    • Michael Lawrence Harris known as Night Soldier 1
    • Carlos Higueros known as Village Revolt
    • Charles Hubbell known as Lieutenant Jerik
    • Walt Hunnicutt known as Cast of Bastard and Commando
    • Wendolyn Ince known as Machi 2
    • Wendy Ince known as Machi #2
    • Stephanie Jeffrey known as Machi 1 (as Stephanie Gould)
    • Josh Jewett known as Crimenet Scum / Presidential Hanger Guard
    • Sherrise Johnson known as Turtle Bug 2
    • Anthony Karnage known as Disoriented Gambler
    • Tom Keenan known as Bar Denizen
    • Sarah Laemmle known as Short Gray Pilot
    • Troy Antoine LaFaye known as Lieutenant Cumberland
    • John Levene known as Angry Videophone Alien (voice)
    • Ben Liesen known as Crimenet Scum
    • Sean MacPherson known as Brother Finger (as Shawn Macpherson)
    • Paul Maki known as Bar Denizen
    • Leitha Matz known as Wendy Stanton
    • Jennifer Menken known as Space Tart
    • Ted V. Mikels known as President Arch Stanton
    • Lance Miller known as Brother Cash
    • Tommie Milton known as Wanted Poster Soldier
    • Tracy Molm known as Zitan Backgrounder
    • Snype Myers known as Shark Sterling
    • Paul O'Conner known as Tall Gray Pilot
    • James Phernetton known as Bar Denizen
    • Thomas Hazard Potter known as Bastard Gambler / Tuco
    • Christine Preston known as Bar Denizen
    • Aaron Prust known as Bar Denizen
    • Tom Puff known as Standoffish Soldier
    • Jessica Rogers known as Bar Denizen
    • Raven Rogers known as Bar Denizen
    • Diane Sieber known as Angry Villager
    • Clayton Simchick known as Cast of Bastard and Commando
    • Gordon Smuder known as Goggles 'Puppet Laforge'
    • John Sorich known as Village Revolt
    • Marcia Soto known as Bar Denizen
    • Joe Spang known as Bar Denizen
    • Dennis Steele known as Wanted Poster Soldier
    • Ron Stefanovich known as Cast of Bastard and Commando
    • Deborah Stefanski known as Cast of Bastard and Commando
    • Mark Stenen known as Cast of Bastard and Commando / Bar Denizen
    • Jeremy Stomberg known as PFC Burton Liles
    • Edwin Strout known as Brother Lee
    • Alan Struthers known as Gorton "Ugly" Hex
    • Laura Thurston known as Bar Denizen
    • Chaz Truog known as Sec Com Rusty Arnenson / Green
    • Cara Ulrich known as Sargeant Lita Mavick
    • Tyrel Ventura known as Syrus Theed
    • Renee Werbowski known as Gen. Tira Corona
    • Raymond P. Whalen known as PFC Shakey Lavelle / The Creature
    • Theresa Winge known as Pookie Monster / Sad Villager
    • Bryan Wright known as Night Soldier 2
    • Mark Zahn known as Zitan Backgrounder



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Crist Ballas known as makeup supervisor




    Production Companies:

    • Car School Film-O-Rama

    Other Companies:

    • Aaron Stokes Ltd.  sound post-production


    • Heretic Films (2007) (USA) (DVD)
    • IndieFlix (2009) (worldwide) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • DICE Group, ltd.

    Visual Effects by:

    • Josh Grundmeier known as modeler
    • Michael J. Heagle known as visual effects supervisor
    • Nate Howard known as modeler
    • Brandon Kachel known as colorist
    • Brandon Kachel known as matte painter
    • Brent Larson known as computer graphics supervisor
    • Adam May known as modeler
    • Steve Paul known as modeler
    • Adam Rudd known as modeling lead
    • Justin Schwartz known as modeler
    • Duncan W. Zajac known as modeler

    Release Date:

    • USA 4 February 2005 (limited)
    • USA 27 February 2007 (DVD premiere)



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    7 Responses Review Planetfall (2005)

    1. I'm a firm believer in the idea that a film should be judged based on
      what the filmmakers were striving for and how close they came to that
      mark. Not every sci-fi film is, or even intends to be, something as
      amazing as "Aliens." When held up next to "Doctor Zhivago" or "Dr.
      Strangelove," "Planetfall" just looks ridiculous. But compare it to a
      more appropriate doctor, such as "Dr. Who," and you'll better
      understand the nature of these filmmakers' ambitions.

      This isn't a film that achieves (or even strives for) brilliance. It
      does, however, stay true to its roots: campy Dr. Who-style sci-fi
      flicks, slutty drive-in movie extravaganzas and decades of dusty
      spaghetti westerns pieced together with more passion than experience.

      Like 2004's impressive budget sci-fi film "Primer," "Planetfall" is
      clearly a labor of love crafted with dedication and maxed-out credit
      cards rather than studio expertise and several million in investment

      Though it's certainly not flawless, it's absolutely entertaining, and
      at points inspiring, particularly when one views the DVD's attendant
      "making of" pieces and learns the hurdles involved in shoestring

    2. I had to watch this movie in two sittings. The first one, I stopped
      after 20 minutes, unbelieving how bad it seem to me. But then I scanned
      the comments here and decided to give it another chance. I thought I
      would go on and on, thinking that it would always get better but…..
      surprise, surprise, it did get better, couldn't put it into pause.

      The special effects aren't that great and it obviously borrows from
      other films in parts, in theme, and line style; sometimes in a pretty
      poor imitation of more famous productions. But the villains are lovable
      and the heroines are independent. It may be ridiculous at parts but
      it's not really a comedy but it's a few steps short of serious. Being
      in between, it's not a failure as with other productions that never
      really decide what they are trying to accomplish. It has a goal, it
      tells the story, and it completes it in an enjoyable view.

    3. PLANETFALL(Heretic/Carschool film-o-rama)//
      Starring: Ted V. Mikels,John Levene and Chaz Truog. Although the leads
      remind you of Nicole Kidman and Carrie Fischer,This is NOT their movie.
      The computer graphics in PF are fantastic,Really top notch look.I feel
      talking about the budget HAS nothing to do with the actual film you
      will see.This is a epic Sci-Fi/Western themed adventure.PF has a rich
      background story of race struggle and the united search for a most
      powerful object.The music is really great,Perfect for each scene.At
      times PF comes off like one of those BBC Sci-Fi efforts,That PBS loves
      to show when they want us starving US pledgers to call-in
      donations.Seriously I tried to find something to pick on,If you knew me
      better,You say sounds too professional for your tastes.If this hadn't
      taken for so long to film(Gleaned from huge extras included) ,I'd say
      look for sequels—Too Bad A+ effort.

    4. Not much to say here. Bad photography. Amateur acting. This is the type
      of film where I kept expecting some soft porn, but even that was a let
      down. I can't give any spoilers because the plot was nearly impossible
      to follow. At first I thought this was a made for TV movie for the
      Sci-Fi channel, but Sci-Fi channel has some production values, at
      least. Yeah, this was obviously made on a miniscule budget, but I've
      seen some low budget films that totally rocked. A lot of the CGI looked
      like a video game. Not as lame as Jimmy Neutron, but not up to current
      video game standards. At least Jimmy Neutron is funny sometimes.
      Planetfall was just . . . boring.

    5. I would have to say that ambition is what is really displayed here.
      This movie is one more attempt at bridging the gap between you-tube and
      Hollywood. Some parts made me want to shave my head, tear my clothes,
      be forgiven and come to repentance, while others had me thinking; "Wow,
      I can't believe this was a low budget film" Filled up with a range of
      acting talent, this movie isn't for everyone. But it IS a testament
      that feature's are doable, and fun. Though the story doesn't take you
      anywhere you might go in some sort of Vin Diesel-esquire sci-fi
      thriller, it does take you to some places that perhaps ended up on the
      fifth-elements cutting room floor. I would recommend this movie to
      anyone with an hour or so to kill who can refrain from comparing it to
      any of the summer blockbusters. As it stands, it's a true testament to
      sci-fi indie film making being developed and done on the cheap.
      congratulations to the crew and staff that put it together. So brave…

    6. 'Planetfall' is kind of a mix of spaghetti westerns with the post
      apocalyptic sci-fi genre. It's ambitious stuff for a low budget, shot
      on video feature, but director Gianni Mezzanotte manages to pull it off
      fairly well. There are some rough spots, notably the very obvious CGI
      effects. However, the cast is more capable than what one usually
      expects from a movie this cheap, and they manage to invest their
      characters with enough sincerity and believability to pull at least
      this viewer into the story.

      By no means is this any kind of sci-fi classic, but it has more heart
      and soul than any slick Sci Fi Channel original. The screenplay is
      fairly well written and coherent, and you can tell that everyone
      involved in making 'Planetfall' cared about telling the story and did
      the best they could. There's nothing deep going on here, no art film
      pretensions or serious message. It's just a cheap, fun movie made for
      the love of film-making and telling a story.

    7. Shot on the (very) cheap, the futuristic spaghetti western about
      various people trying to get their hands on a cargo of something is
      marred by hideously awful acting, bland generic dialog, laughably sad
      special effects, and absolutely nothing that could feasibly be
      construed as entertaining in the least. If you only had 24 hours to
      live, then and ONLY then consider watching this because it'll make 90
      minutes feel like an eternity. My god, I'd prefer almost any of those
      crappy 'originals' on the Sci-Fi channel to this piece of garbage.
      Everyone involved in this production should be just hanging their
      respective heads in shame right about now. (and YES that last part is a
      joke, just to fill the required 10 lines)

      My Grade: F

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