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  • IMDb page: Superfights (1995)
  • Rate: 4.2/10 total 107 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Filming Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Director: Kuang Hsiung
  • Stars: Brandon Gaines, Feihong Yu and Keith Vitali
  • Original Music By: Richard Yuen   
  • Sound Mix: Mono
  • Plot Keyword: Art | Martial Arts | Independent Film

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Keith W. Strandberg 

Known Trivia

  • The fight featuring Rob Van Dam was initially designed to be much shorter, with a scheduled filming time of only a few hours. The filmmakers ended up being so impressed with Van Dam’s physical abilities that the fight was made much longer and took almost a full day to shoot.

Plot: Jack Cody has always wanted to enter the world of the Superfights, a free fighting tournament. One night… See more » |  »

Story: Jack Cody has always wanted to enter the world of the Superfights, a free fighting tournament. One night, he rescues a girl from a mugging and he becomes a national hero. Then, he is finally given his opportunity to become a Superfighter. He soon discovers a Ninja who tells him that the man behind the Superfights is involved with illegal acts. When this comes to Jack, he must fight now for his life.Written by Albert Valentin <>  




FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Bruce Greenfield known as line producer
  • Chuck Jeffreys known as associate producer
  • See-Yuen Ng known as executive producer
  • Keith W. Strandberg known as producer
  • Keith Vitali known as associate producer
  • Meredith Zamboni known as supervising producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Brandon Gaines known as Jack Cody
  • Feihong Yu known as Sally Wong (as Faye Yu)
  • Keith Vitali known as Robert Sawyer
  • Kelly Gallant known as Angel
  • Chuck Jeffreys known as Dark Cloud
  • Cliff Lenderman known as Budokai
  • Brian Ruth known as Night Stalker
  • Patrick Lung-Kong known as Grandfather
  • Jim Steele known as Mike Rocco / The Beast (as Jim 'Rocha' Steele)
  • Keith Hackney known as Enforcer
  • Rob Van Dam known as Mercenary
  • Karen Bill known as Mrs. Cody / Jack's Mother
  • Sean Foley known as Rasputin
  • Dennis Tosten known as Oates
  • Ron Succarotte known as Gang Leader #1
  • Serafin Rivera known as Gang Leader #2
  • John Burnheim known as Frankie
  • Evan Strandberg known as Autograph Fan (as Evan Keith Strandberg)
  • Kalen Strandberg known as Bus Fan (as Kalen Robert Strandberg)
  • Scott Langford known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Bryan States known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Manuel Taningco known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Vinnie Vergara known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Ted Oyama known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Mike Jones known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Joe Galati known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Matt Malmsheimer known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • William Lee known as Gang Member / Fighter
  • Bob Spizzirri known as Geracioli
  • Marianne Cory known as Gang Member's Girlfriend
  • Howard Green known as Citizen
  • Joy Romano known as Wild Woman
  • Heather Lesser known as Receptionist
  • Sharon Hanby known as TV Reporter
  • David Robie known as TV Anchor
  • Megan Mullock known as Pretty Woman
  • Randy Wertz known as Limo Driver
  • Ronny Coleman known as American Fighter
  • Willie Johnson known as Punisher (as Willie Bam Johnson)
  • Jeremy Fairchild known as Karate Kid
  • Michael Rene Walton known as Karate Kid (as Michael Walton)
  • Chris Millares known as Karate Kid
  • Allison Baten known as Sally's Friend
  • Tracey Schaeffer known as Card Girl / Gym Girl #1
  • Dee Waggoner known as Card Girl / Gym Girl #2
  • Debbie Lane Hewett known as Card Girl (as Debbie Lane)
  • Sherri Hubbard known as Card Girl
  • Amy Slick known as Card Girl
  • Danielle Archer known as Hooker #1
  • Jamie Stetler known as Hooker #2
  • Ernie Vasquez known as Gangster #1
  • Steve Hower known as Gangster #2
  • James Hayney known as Workman #1
  • Randy Romine known as Workman #2
  • Ann Clingan known as Runner #1
  • Elizabeth Hoffman known as Runner #2 (as Betsy Hoffman)
  • Shawn Liskey known as Henchman
  • Doug Chisolm known as Henchman
  • John Williams known as Henchman
  • Jim McClain known as Henchman
  • Scully Liu known as Wang
  • Thai Tran known as Asian Gang Member
  • Bruce Bond known as Announcer
  • Tim McCandless known as Oates Bodyguard #1
  • Mark Slomske known as Oates Bodyguard #2
  • Jan Castner known as Referee
  • Carla Baum known as Reporter Outside
  • Eddie Tamblyn known as Reporter Outside
  • Sheri Rowlands known as Reporter Outside
  • Brad Hicks known as Reporter Outside
  • Emerson Luciano known as Gym Body Builder #1
  • Ellen Huff known as Stand In
  • Carla Arnold known as Stand In
  • Rachel Forney known as Stand In
  • James Batulis known as Day Performer
  • Christoffer Beattie known as Day Performer
  • Robert Evans known as Day Performer
  • John Thrush known as Day performer
  • Rick Malwitz known as Day Performer
  • Alpesh Patel known as Day Performer
  • Daniel D. Sariano known as Day Performer
  • Dominick Cicco known as Man Spectator (uncredited)
  • Michelle Feingold known as Girl Spectator (uncredited)
  • Marco Johnson known as Autograph Fan (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:
  • Wendy Latsha known as hair stylist
  • Kellie Cooper Teets known as makeup artist (as Kellie Teets)
  • Kellie Cooper Teets known as special makeup effects artist (as Kellie Teets)

Art Department:

  • Bill Benvignati known as set contructor
  • Wu Choi known as property master
  • Mimi Conrey known as set contructor
  • Marvin Dourte known as set contructor
  • Elaine Gleason known as set contructor
  • Rocky Gleason known as set contructor
  • Tracey Hall known as assistant property master
  • Jay Hamilton known as set contructor
  • Dave Luling known as set contructor
  • Ed McNamara known as set contructor
  • Barbara Piccirilli known as set contructor
  • Chun Kwai Po known as props
  • John Rex known as set contructor
  • Paul Rodgers known as set contructor
  • Tom Rosietz known as set contructor
  • Mike Schultz known as set contructor
  • Curtis Smith known as set contructor
  • Jessica Snyder known as set contructor
  • Karl Wadlinger known as set contructor
  • Wendy Zeigler known as set contructor




Production Companies:

  • Seasonal Film Corporation

Other Companies:

  • Ace Video  special thanks
  • Alfred's Victorian  special thanks
  • Audio Services Company  special thanks
  • Baker's Exxon  special thanks
  • Barbizon School of Modeling, Harrisburg, PA  special thanks
  • Block Business Systems  special thanks
  • CAD Masters  special thanks
  • CJ's Gun Shop  special thanks
  • Central Pennsylvania Fitness Center  special thanks
  • Cenyx  production design
  • Chopsticks House  special thanks
  • Core States Bank  special thanks
  • Davis Graffix  special thanks
  • DuArt Film Laboratories  special thanks
  • Empire Beauty School  special thanks
  • Film / Video Equipment Service Co.  special thanks
  • Fulton Bank  bank
  • Interstate Towing  special thanks
  • Jan Tana Skin Care  special thanks
  • K&H Ford  special thanks
  • Kint  special thanks
  • Kodak  special thanks
  • Latsha Lumber  special thanks
  • Market Street Garage  special thanks
  • Olegna Productions  special thanks
  • Otomix  special thanks
  • Premier Production Services  special thanks
  • Rascal's Eatery  catering
  • River Rescue Ambulance  special thanks
  • Ryder Truck Rentals  special thanks
  • See Factor  special thanks
  • Shenk Athletic  special thanks
  • Spangler Telecommunications  special thanks
  • Speare & Company  special thanks
  • Sports Art Industrial Co.  special thanks
  • Sports Service Catering  catering
  • Statewide Office Products  special thanks
  • Sutcliff Chevrolet  special thanks
  • Sweet Arrow Spring Water  special thanks
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  special thanks
  • Unique Limousine  special thanks
  • WITF Channel 33  special thanks
  • WPMT Channel 43  special thanks
  • Widener University  special thanks
  • Wolfington Body Company  special thanks
  • World Wide Express  special thanks
  • Wray's Music House  special thanks


  • Seasonal Film Corporation (1995) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Ascot Video



Other Stuff

Release Date:



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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9 Responses Review Superfights (1995)

  1. Anyone familiar with the 90s output of HK based Seasonal Films (Gary
    most likely know what to expect here: excellent fights and plenty of
    laughs. To paraphrase a friend who also took this film in, "How this
    80s movie got made in the 90s is beyond me!" Honestly, I have not
    laughed this hard while watching a film in a long time. The first 15
    minutes had me going scene after scene. Nearly everything thing about
    SUPERFIGHTS is funny. From the male lead "training" while working his
    day job as a box boy to the hilarious stereotypes regard wrestling to
    the amazing theme song ("Superfighter! Kick his ass!"), the film is
    completely wrongheaded in every aspect. Well, except for one. Like
    every Seasonal film, the fight choreography is exceptional.
    Director/fight choreographer Tony Leung Siu Hung captures some great
    moves from martial arts veterans such as Keith Vitali, Cliff Lenderman
    & Chuck Jeffreys along with newcomer Brandon Gaines. Gaines is
    extraordinarily agile, but can't act to save his life. One truly hasn't
    lived until you have seen Gaines run up the steps of a courthouse a la
    ROCKY while screaming "Woo hoo!" at the top of his lungs. Writer Keith
    W. Strandberg is also responsible for the equally hilarious NO RETREAT,
    NO SURRENDER series, so that explains a lot. If you are a fan of high
    quality fights, then this is definitely recommended. However, if you
    are a fan of movies so funny that they will make you cry, then
    SUPERFIGHTS is highly recommended.

  2. Tony Leung along with Steve Wang (DRIVE, THE GUYVER II: DARK HERO) are
    responsible for some of the best direct to video martial arts films since
    Jackie Chan earlier films began to be released theatrically. SUPERFIGHTS
    Tony Leung’s American directorial debut followed by the stunning BLOODMOON.
    If you can excuse the storyline implausibility and Hong Kong-esque
    ridiculousness (e.g. the running sequence probably intended as a homage to
    ROCKY with everyone and I do mean everyone acknowledging our hero) then sit
    back and enjoy the ride martial arts fans because will make you giddy with
    Newcomer Brandon Gaines plays self trained martial artist Jack Cody, a dead
    end box boy aspiring to join the SUPERFIGHTERS. SUPERFIGHTS is a pro
    wrestling type entertainment company promoted by corrupt businessman and
    martial artist Robert Sawyer (Keith Vitali) whose illicit activities go far
    beyond that of the training room and fighting ring.
    Serendipity occurs for Jack one night when his heroics in saving an
    girl by the name of Sally from a robbery is caught on tape turning him into
    a hero overnight. His skills also catch the eye of promoter Robert Saywer
    who makes him an offer he can’t refuse. In becoming a superfighter, Jack
    eventually uncovers the true nature of the business forcing him to take a
    stand against Mr. Saywer and his army of drug enhanced, mind altered
    warriors. With the aid of Sally and her tai chi master grandfather, Jack
    Cody does just that and the results are spectacular.
    While the in-ring fighting choreography is commendable, the outside fights
    are dizzying. Brandon Gaines agility is a feast for the eyes along with
    female trainer Angel’s physical prowess. Also worth mentioning are
    performances by UFC veteran Keith Hackney and ECW regular ROB VAN DAM (also
    seen in BLOODMOON). Make no mistake about it, Tony Leung can choreograph a
    fight sequence. I sure hope SEASONAL FILMS has this guy on a multi-film

  3. Have you seen the No Retreat, No Surrender movies and their unofficial
    sequels? This movie follows in the same tracks. If you enjoyed the
    former, you will like this. The thing about this is that it's even less
    serious than the other similar movies, something one didn't think was
    possible. It' film making at it's very worst (unprofessional,
    amateurish and extremely goofy) combined with martial arts action at
    it's very best (or at least close to it). The combination is great
    really, you shift back and forth from laughing out loud about how bad
    it is, to actually enjoying and admiring the cool fight scenes. A weird
    movie that I'll recommend if you enjoy martial arts flicks.

  4. I first watched this movie in the late 90's because one of the stars,
    Cliff Lenderman as "No Mercy Budokai", was my martial arts instructor.
    After watching it I immediately bought a copy. It is downright
    hilarious! I don't think the movie is supposed to be a comedy but it is
    seriously funny. The movie has some good fight scenes and the star is
    quite skilled at martial arts. Overall it's a decent movie despite the
    bad acting. The acting isn't so bad that it makes it painful to watch
    though. It has some good action, some hilarious and highly quotable
    lines, and it makes me laugh till I'm in tears. All my friends and
    family enjoyed this movie and we've watched it more than once. It does
    have a B-movie style and seems 1980's but it's definitely worth
    watching. One of the funniest martial arts movies I've seen, at least
    out of the ones that aren't supposed to be funny!

  5. Seasonal Films have a reputation of brining newcomers to films and the film
    makes the star look good. Take SUPERFIGHTS. Karate expert Brandon Gaines
    makes his film debut and in the beginning alone, he is impressive with his
    leg hopping a la Tan Tao-Liang. The plot is somewhat what you would hear
    about the pro wrestling circuit, but it is up to Gaines to solve it his
    Forget the plot and concentrate on the action sequences as they were
    magnificent. I give SUPERFIGHTS a 8 out of 10.

  6. I studied under Master Cliff Lenderman who played one of the major roles in
    the movie. As a student of his at the time of the release, I was able to
    attend the local premier showing.

    If you like all out, non-stop, fight action, with some incredibly talented
    fighters, you need to see this movie. If you like a good, solid story
    with plenty of human interest and a good old fashioned, boy-meets-girl
    story, you also need to see this movie.

    I gave it three thumbs up!

  7. In my country, till the middle of the 2000s, the video stores used to
    feed on movies like this. I recall cafés, with considerable number of
    viewers, sitting amazed while watching many of this brand, through 2
    separate screens, without commercials. I was the one who just passes
    by, and makes jokes about it. Now I must be fair. Hence, I discovered
    in Superfights many good and too-bad-it's-good stuff to appreciate !

    First of all you may think, like others, that it is produced in 1995.
    HAA, think again my friend! The whole team of this movie made a trip to
    the 1980s, by one mysterious machine, did their fare, and then came
    back. Otherwise why there is no relation with the 1990s at all, not
    even the movie's theme song ?!

    It was strange to watch a memory from the cheesy 1980s, in the 1990s,
    and be as loyal as this. Aside from having a hot passion for martial
    arts, it seems, in many artistic aspects, as a twin brother to No
    Retreat, No Surrender (1986)? Don't you explain it by the matter of
    "Great minds think alike", Hmmm, maybe another type of minds !

    As all the reviews have said : it is "a lot of good fights, and a lot
    of unintentional comedy.". In fact there is nothing more. However,
    maybe Superfights outmatches according to its incredible bad cinema /
    comedy !

    The editing is hilarious. It made all the shots with the same time
    record; which created a combination of speedy images where everybody is
    flying, screaming and bleeding. WAW, this has to be special
    entertainment !

    Acting is nowhere around, there is only bona fides. The tai chi master
    grandfather is unforgettable; he seemed like a teen boy wearing the
    worst wig in movie history. But, there is nothing like the "monster", I
    enjoyed it greatly. That guy who played it must have taken an Honorary
    Award in appreciation of a body of work marked by grace, elegance, wit
    and visual innovation. Yet from the Razzie award foundation !

    Saying that the movie has no production values is a joke, since there
    is no production in the first place. It's a miracle that these
    movie-makers managed to rent the restaurant, the ring or the garage. I
    bet the flats were their own flats !

    Yes, the choreography is, unlike everything else, sound. The fighters'
    talent is pure and perfect. But to tell you the truth, what I liked,
    for being right, was the story. It makes a fine cartoon. I believe it
    will have a remake some time soon. And hope to be more arty, less
    embarrassing movie.

    Well, the one thing to bother is Kelly Gallant. She really moved my
    stomach. Gallant's features are awfully mannish to emetic extent. To
    hell with her talent as a fighter if that was her ticket to movies;
    because her looks is too creepy for even the horror movies. She did
    ruin the movie's "fun" to me (and her name was Angel !! So what the
    devil might look like then ?!).

    At any rate, this is a watchable crap. With bigger budget it might have
    been worse. So that's why it's better than many of Hollywood's inflated
    soulless crap lately. Compared to them (Superfights) is more solid,
    honest and entertaining. I kid you not.

    If capturing the spirit of the 1980s unintentionally doesn't interest
    you, watch the monster anyway. And by that I refer to the character,
    not the movie !

  8. I found this video in a bargain bin for $1. That’s about the real value
    it. I only bought it because I wanted to see Keith Hackney, a former UFC
    fighter, try his hand at acting. His role is so small that he isn’t
    much of a chance to fail. Lucky for him because the others fail
    This movie is even worse than Ken Shamrock’s ‘Champions’ if that means
    anything to you. The fights scenes are flashy but embarrassingly bad.
    have some young guy wearing a long white wig and beard pretending to be
    old Chinese Martial Arts master and it’s hilarious.

  9. SUPERFIGHTS (***** out of *****)

    In the history of martial arts cinema, there have been repeating symbols
    themes. This is THE movie that employs these symbols and themes to
    perfection. The fights are stunningly choreographed, and the story

    Many a person has said that this movie resembles The Karate Kid on
    but that is a most unfair comment. Superfights is about Jack Cody’s growth
    as a human being.

    Do yourself a favor, and SEE IT. RIGHT NOW.

    Also Recommended:

    Not Recommended:
    The Karate Kid,

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